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May 7 2015

Keeping up with Google’s Latest Mobile Update

As you may have read, Google has implemented a planned change to their search algorithm giving greater importance to having a mobile-ready web site. If you have not recently updated your site, your business is likely losing mobile traffic.

What does being Mobile-Ready mean?

Google wants to see that your site width does not extend past the width of your browser window. It is also looking for fonts being of a legible size on mobile devices and that links are spaced adequately so that they are easily clicked on a phone or tablet.

Not sure if your site is mobile-friendly?
Click here and enter your URL to check.


What is a responsive website?

A responsive site adjusts it’s layout to fit its viewing environment, allowing a single version of your site to display appropriately on computers, phones and tablets. It uses fluid elements and media queries to expand, move or hide items based on the size of the browser window. This is the most popular method used currently to create a mobile-friendly websites due to its flexibility and ease of updating.

How can I tell if my site is responsive?

It’s pretty simple. If you open your site on a Mac or PC, drag the browser width from left to right and see if it changes. If you see elements shift, font sizes change and there is no need to scroll right to view any content, congratulations – you have a responsive site.

My site isn’t mobile-friendly..What should I do?

Having a mobile version of your site is more important than ever. Creating one can give you a step up on your competitors during this early transition period. We have had numerous customers reach out after reading about Google’s latest update. If you have a concern about whether your site is being hurt by this change to Google’s search algorithms, contact us and our web department will be glad to take a look at your site and offer recommendations.

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