NFC Labels/Decals

NFC (Near Field Communication) offers an opportunity to communicate with your target audience using a growing marketplace, mobile devices. This technology offers the power to simply and instantly deliver a variety of electronic media to potential customers via their smartphone or other NFC-enabled device..

What is NFC?

NFC technology enables communication between two NFC-enabled devices (a cell phone and NFC chip). These NFC chips are small labels that are cost effective to program and produce, and easy to add to printed materials or promotional products.

How does it work?

When you tap your NFC-enabled phone to one of our decals, the device will instantly perform an action - this could be playing a product video, pulling up a registration page or adding your contact information to the users contacts.

Why use NFC?

Customers are using the web and mobile devices more than ever for their purchasing decisions. Pairing an eye-catching print design with an NFC label that converts them into a site visitor or social follower can quickly turn your next postcard recipient or a tradeshow visitor into a customer.

How to interact with your customers using NFC


Tap your phone to an NFC label to automatically dial a number or load it into a messaging app.


Compose an email in the users preferred program with your email address already imported.  Great for business cards!


Direct users to any website, registration page, or survey page. Personalize your page and monitor traffic from your label! 


Load an app in your phones app store for quick and simple downloads.


Load a product demo or instructional video – Great for displays or postcards!


Boost your social media traffic by loading facebook or foursquare at your location, prompting more likes, check-ins, and reviews.


  • Printed Materials
  • Posters and Signage
  • Business Cards
  • Packaging and Labels
  • Tradeshows Booths
  • Mailers & Postcards
  • Training Materials
  • Point of Purchase Displays

Be Creative

You can add an NFC anywhere to accomplish almost any digital task. Add labels to your lobby and conference room to auto-connect visitors to your secured wi-fi network.

Have an idea or problem? Reach out and our team can help you find a solution.