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The Single Professional Source for All Print, Mail, Wide Format and Marketing Services

For more than 20 years, East Coast Media & Printing has been Central New Jersey’s leading source for all print, mail and marketing services. With a mix of digital and offset equipment, experienced staff, centralized location, and a secure 21,000 sq ft facility, East Coast Media brings more capabilities together for business clients.

With a consolidated workflow and state-of-the-art technologies East Coast Media enables companies to market and communicate efficiently. Utilizing print (digital / offset), large format graphics, direct mail along with a professional web presence is easy.

Since 1999 East Coast has been production based so all services are done on site, eliminating the delays, costs and risk associated with using multiple vendors. Having your projects in one reliable place keeps things consistent, makes them easy to track, and rewards you with substantial cost savings.

East Coast’s Marketing Storefront is an easy-to-use, “amazon.com-like” portal where customers store, view, and customize their marketing collateral. Materials are categorized for your team to access. Through the site items can be ordered, shipped and reported on in a variety of ways making it easy for clients to manage while benefiting from the cost saving capabilities East Coast Media offers.

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