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Jan 15 2019

Diversify Your Marketing with Direct Mail

Why is Direct Mail Marketing so effective?

It captures attention!

With direct mail, your message is delivered in a way that can’t be automatically filtered out – so while your email may or may not reach your target, you can be assured your direct mail piece will. You will have the attention of your potential customers for at least a few seconds, which may not seem like much, but with an attractive design this is plenty of time to compel your recipient to read and respond.

With direct mail, your options are endless. You can create a piece that is functional or colorful, that folds out or tears off to grab your customers attention.

It is a call to action!

Direct mail is a personal, in-hand invitation to your customer. Not only is an incentive like a sample, discount or coupon more likely to get a response, but direct mail provides you with marketing that lasts! While a customer may not immediately take you up on your invitation, a printed mail piece offers the benefit of longevity and an opportunity for business down the road.

Of users surveyed by Paper Because, “75% have made a purchase as a result of direct mail”.

It’s sustainable!

Paper is one of the most recycled materials on the planet – more than metal, glass or plastic. It can be recycled many times, keeping it in use and out of landfills. At East Coast Media, we have a huge selection of recycled papers and materials to choose from, so if the environment is a concern in your marketing, we can help – and not only with paper. We also have recycled or sustainable options for poster boards, retractable hardware and pride ourselves on using eco-solvent inks.

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