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Apr 15 2014

3 Ways YOU Can Improve Your Own Website Rankings

Improved Google Search Rankings

While maintaining proper Search Engine Optimization may be too complicated or time-intensive for a small business owner to take on themselves, there are steps that you can take yourself which will collectively help boost your search rankings. Here are three simple steps towards getting your website rankings back in the right direction:

1) Be Social

Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are playing an increasing role in Search Engine Optimization.  Social sites are simple to edit and allow you to quickly add content that could be valuable to your customers, clients and viewers.   Even if you don’t have a broad audience yet, users sharing or commenting on your posts increase your exposure so it is important to link them back to your website.

2) Register your Business

Most major search engines, including Google and Bing, have resources where you can register your company’s location, services, hours and contact information.  These will not only place you in their map directory, but give you an additional listing within local search engine results, which are prominently displayed in geographically targeted searches – for example, if someone searches for a ‘Plumber in Hillsborough, New Jersey’.

3) Grow your Backlinks

Backlinks are referrals from other websites back to your own.  Search engines use these as a main factor in establishing your page rank, so it is important to get and maintain as many credible backlinks as you can.  This network can be built by having valuable content on your site which other sites choose to link to, but you can also try to grow your portfolio of backlinks by registering your site on relevant directories or forums and asking vendors, clients and trade websites that could value your content as a resource to link back to you.

These are just a few of many of techniques that factor into enhancing your relevance within search engines.  If you’d like to discuss specifics of factors affecting your site rank or to get a free, no-obligation website analysis, contact us today!

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