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Oct 15 2014

East Coast Media Staying Local


At East Coast Media, we know firsthand the value that local businesses can provide. As longtime members of the Somerset Business Partnership, we build relationships with local businesses that can enhance what we do.

Recently we partnered with an area photographer, Frank Peluso on a new web design project for Mid-State Lumber.

After developing the site architecture we worked with our customer to get their “wish list” of photographs. Mid-State has a large offering of building materials, a generous fleet of trucks, and three far-apart locations making this shoot a challenge – planning was critical. We needed to keep the cost manageable, the images consistent even though they were in two states, and of course the quality, it needed to be good for web and commercial print use. A big company like this can’t shut down more than once in a long while for a photo shoot so we had to be sure all parties were on the same page.

It saves time when you are working with a local business because we sat down, and after a 30 minute meeting with our East Coast Media Account Manager and Web Designer all angles were covered and a schedule, and shot list were created. Once the list was approved by an excited customer Frank went to work.

We know you want to see the shots but the design and development of the site is underway so check back to see the finished product soon. In the meantime, below are a few shots for this project. You can also view his professional website – www.frankpelusophotography.com.

_DSF0827-edited _DSF0822-edited _DSF0785-edited _DSF0763-edited _DSF0645-edited _DSF0427 _DSF0318 _DSF0019-edited

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