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Better Data Means Better Results

East Coast Media has the highest quality data available from the most reputable sources. You will find less modeled data and much more actual information. Better data means better results!

All our lists can be acquired with or without NCOA (national change of address) so if you need to take advantage of our integrated mail house your costs to mail will be lowered. In most cases we can provide you with list counts and costs within the same day. Call us today to get counts on your next Specialty List.


• Geographic Area
• Employee Size
• Sales Volume
• Year Started
• Headquarters / Branch indicator
• Minority Owned Business
• 100% Phones & Contacts Where Available*:
• 100% Fax Numbers:
• Fax Numbers Where Available*


• Radius from an Address (not just the mid-point of a zipcode)
• Median Income
• Walk sequence or reverse walk-sequence
• Create your own record salutation (eg. Pizza Lover, Business Owner, etc.
• Purchase by apartments, homes, business and/or boxes
• Create multiple segments with its own paperwork and data files
• Occuname list – (Normal Occupant list with the head of household’s name given, when available.
You receive the personalization of a Consumer list, with the postage savings of an Occupant list.
• Media Charges


• Geographic Area
• Age
• Income
• Gender
• Marital Status
• Households with Children
• Age & Gender of Children
• Households with Seniors
• Housing Type
• Homeowner / Renter
• Home Value
• Year Home Built
• Length of Residence


• Real Property Data
• New Movers
• Pre-Movers
• New Homeowners
• Modeled Credit Scores
• Actual Credit Scores
• Students
• Teachers
• Ultra Affluent
• Political
• Professionals at Home
• Professionals at Work
• Medical Lists
• Magazine Subscribers
• And much, much more…