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Jan 4 2019

Stop throwing out your meeting or event signs.

Try our new View Thru RE-USABLE sign boards.

View thru signs are similar to traditional signs, but we add a magnetically sealed pouch where you simply ‘pull and place’ your message. Each sign pouch conveniently holds 10 pages so if you have several guests, meeting or events in a single day you can change your sign easily.

Because we print and mount your graphics here, we can make your sign as complex or simple as you’d like. We can mount your sign to any of five materials for extra durability or cost savings.

Re-use your board, Not your message with our Peel & Replace Header

East Coast Media’s re-usable boards can be designed with a customizable header! This header area, along with the magnetic pouch give you two areas to display, promote and customize your signage making it more effective. To add this additional custom area, you just simply peel and apply the laminated full color decal to your designated area.

Other areas can be created for an truly customized long term sign solution. Call us at 1800-ECM-1965 and our customer service team will help you choose the re-usable sign board that is right for you.

Why choose View Thru Signs?

– Durable

Your board can be constructed from a number of materials, each with their own benefits.

– Cost Savings

Save yourself the time and expense of printing new signs for every meeting, or several signs for a timed event. Just slip in a new sheet of paper and you’re done!

– Vibrant Color

Our signs are printed using a digital state of the art 8 COLOR solvent printer. They are scratch and fade resistant to hold up, and will stay brighter longer.

– Eco-Friendly

Re-using boards means less non-recyclable materials being dumped. Our View Thru signs have long lasting color and durable boards so you can use them again and again.

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