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Digital Webkeys

Webkeys allow you to direct your clients and customers to a specific page or link within your website, where you have the best chance of turning a prospect into a customer. Each webkey is given a specific serial number so you can track whether a user visited your link, their location , the duration of their visit and more. You can use this information for follow-up sales calls and can even interact with your customer by updating the link on their specific webkey. You can change the link on their key to a video about a product or service, a PDF file or a special offer based on your discussions so that next time they plug it in, the data they need is right there.

These handy little keys are very effective as part of a mailer or a handout at a trade shows. The keys look like a USB drive and can include custom graphics.

Success of Digital Keys in Mailings

You can use them in direct mail promotions taking prospects to exactly the items you want to show them or use them. They can be used in direct mail campaigns and because they’re “cool” you can expect a much better response rate than direct mail pieces and bypass the trash can. The uses for these are limited only by your imagination and the power of the Internet.

Benefits of Webkeys

  • Webkeys contain no physical memory making them very cost-effective.
  • Webkeys require no software, making them truly plug and play.
  • Analytics are available so you can track who used your webkey, their IP address, the duration of their use and more.
  • You can update the URL on your key or page it links to so that customers aren’t stuck with outdated information.
  • You can target specific webkeys by serial number based on their interaction so that they see something new next time they plug in.
  • Secured by McAfee
  • HIPAA Compliant

Applications of Webkeys

  • Send users to your website
  • Launch an online product video
  • Collect registration information for an event
  • Open a custom quote form
  • Launch an opt-in email signup page
  • Display an online portfolio
  • Market a product release to a targeted audience
  • Offer a special promotion